Friday, June 4, 2010

a little update on life

Hey everyone.. I am SOOO SORRY for being MIA.. my life has really just taken a HUGE trip down fix it lane.. first thing that happened in our home.. was a pipe burst and happened to flood the corner of our basement.. our tv room.. :( no fun at all.. wow what a huge mess..

then if that wasn't enough.. we had a freak snow storm in May of all things that broke 3 of our tree limbs.. HUGE limbs.. that was just another mess to clean up.. I am so happy it is summer..

well I created a project finally to try and take my mind off of life.. :) lol

I just LOVE this goofy photo of my dad with Liberty.. he can be such a dork sometimes.. When I drew this digital stamps called Lenny Monster you can get HERE it reminded me of this photo.. I used copic markers to color Lenny and really had a fun time putting this layout together..It is a tradition I have started to do.. I create the same scrapbook page and give one to the child that is in the photo and one to the grandparent too.. which I plan to give to him for Father's Day to add to his collection of scrapbook pages.. :) thanks so much for looking..
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ShirleyTACS said...

Sorry for the mishaps. I'm glad you're keeping your perspective. The card with your dad and Liberty is precious. and what a great pix. Hugs. Shirley