Saturday, December 15, 2012

My new entryway

Photo: This is the before..... Photo: The old radio before..
These are the "Before" of the wall and the stereo...
After some help from Libby and my good friend Susan I finally got this finished. I have been doing little bits and pieces of this between planning my parents 40th Wedding Ann. and the "normal" stuff.. I love how it turned out.. now onto the next project right :)

This is really a dark grey chevron..

I love re-doing things and making them mine.. My Polka-dot wall was so much fun, and Libby being only 4 totally helped doing the spots and LOVED it :) Thanks for stopping by and looking!! Pin It


Shelly said...

This is very cool!! I love it all!...Everything works so well together and those frames, have me drooling! lol Love. Love. Love. :)

Lisa's Creative Niche said...

wow this is so cool!!! I LOVE how bright and funky it is!

kasia c. said...

This is gorgeous! I just love grey and yellow together. :)