Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Please give me 5 Stars

Hey everyone! I hope you are having a FANTABULOUS Wednesday! :) I have entered a little contest.. and hope you will all support and come vote for me. I made washi tape Iphone chargers! What better way to keep track of who's is who's right? :) Give me 5 STARS!!!! You can vote and give me 5 stars once every 24hrs.. :)
 #downtowntapephotocontest #washi tape 


It should take you to my photo.. 
then there should be a little 5 stars spot under the photo. all the way to the right is 5 stars and you click on it.. let me know if it still doesn't work..
MOBILE link 

Hugs love you all 

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1 comment:

Message Keeper said...

Brilliant idea! Now your chargers are colorful!