Friday, July 25, 2014

Bringing Washi BACK!

So.. during the video you will see that I forgot to turn my camera back on for the rest of this card.. I was so mad at myself.. So if you are interested in how to do this technique, let me know and I will re-do the video. I saw a card one time on pinterest like this.. so it's not my original technique.

Using washi tape for fun elements.. like scarf, hat, gloves etc. Get's you to use your product, but in a way you haven't thought of before.

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PoJo said...
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PoJo said...

I deleted the first one because autocorrect made it look like I had typos....aaaargh!

Here's a corrected comment...

Yes, please, please, please show us how to make the tree card!

Linda Vanorio said...

Please show how to do this!!!!