Friday, December 19, 2014

Paper Casting Tags

Paper casting is something I fell in love with  many years ago. I guess i'm a softy when it comes to taking anything object, and reusing it for something completely different.
 In this case, I would say that toilet paper as beautiful works of art is high on the list of awesomeness!
 I love how the TP takes on and seals the edges when you run it through a die cutting machine. These tags with stitches are seriously adorable!
 Sometimes inking up just a portion of a stamp, can give it just as much  WOW factor, as coloring the whole thing.
 I had so much fun in playing with all the details. That's what makes these stand out with bells and stars ;)

Thanks so much for stopping by. I so appreciate all your feedback and the love you show to me and my family! Merry Christmas!!! HUGS

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