Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Here is a fun Witch Shoe I did.. I got the idea from JEN she is the most creative, and inspiring person.. Mine is a little different.. but you get the idea.. I also did it for the challenges at High Hopes Stamps & DCRUS #7, and Whimsy Stamp I think since I used so many thing in my house on this project.. And of course I didn't create a card.. I took to these challenges quite well. I used, everything from, cardboard, safety pins, an old necklace (to tie her sock with) material, button, ribbons, googly eyes, puffy paint, tinker toy, ello toy's,and bells (for the heel of her shoe) and of course I stamped the scallops and distressed :) etc.. I really had a fun time making this. I love how it turned out.. Thanks so much for looking..

I ended up steeling my sons "tinker toy" and a couple of Ello's and covered them.. hehe shhh don't tell

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