Monday, August 8, 2011

Update on the twine swap!

Update on the twine swap!!! :)

Please check by your name to see if I got your package.. we have 2 spots still open.. and that's all :) HUGS


Now who can’t use some beautiful Bakers Twine? This swap gives you the chance to have all the beautiful colors of twine out there, without having to pay an arm and a leg.
Check out my blog HERE to see a cute project using Bakers Twine..

Here is how it will work.. Each person purchases 1 roll of bakers twine 240 yards. You can find this at a variety of stores here are a few

Divine Twine-
The Twinery-
Twisted Sugar Twine-

I am sure there are more companies out there, but those are a few to get you started. The whole point of doing a twine swap is so you can get all the colors but only have to buy one roll with 240yards. (I know some stores sell all the colors in a sample pack for the same price as the 240yards but you only get 140 yards.I don't know about you, but I like to pay less and get more.)

Each person will send in 8+1 (plus one is for the hostess that's me) 25 yard pieces per group.

You will put together 9 25yard pieces and get 8 back all different colors
Please feel free to sign up for more than one group! I realize not every color is going to be in each group, that is why I will be doing multipuls. I will only allow one color per group, example: if you sign want to be in group 1 and you have teal bakers twine, make sure that no one else is already doing teal in that group. It will be a first come first served, leave a comment with what groups you would like to be in, and what color you will be choosing for that group.

You must check in 2 weeks before the end date and let me know you are still in the swap. If you need to drop out that is fine life happens but I don't have the time to pm 20 people a few times to see if you are still in the swap. If you can't do this then don't sign up. Thank you. You must also check in after swap and let us know you received your swap back.

Vendor products:
No vendor restriction, but please use only good quality backers twine
Everyone is welcome. If you never done a swap before take the plunge it will be fun.

Deadline: In my hands by Aug 17th, 2011 and I will have them postal within 10 days of the due date. Bakers Twine not received by then will regrettably be returned to sender as not to hold up the swap.

Mailing instructions: Packaging and Swap Return:
Mailing: This is where you can be creative, wrap the twine around a cute tag, or a wooden spool of thread, be creative and have fun. Place them all in a GALLON zip lock back with the swap name, your real name, and your SCS name, and email address. Please send a self addressed stamped PADDED envelope with the same postage as it took to send to me plus two extra stamps just in case needed. Thanks!
DO NOT send metered postage as we all know they only work for day of purchase!! If you would rather use Priority mail, please include one $4.95 priority stamp and a self-addressed priority label. I will provide priority envelope. USA only please.. :)

All return mail will be sent via First Class unless you request (and provide for) otherwise. NO METERED POSTAGE PLEASE.
Please don’t hesitate to post questions to this thread. I welcome all advice. Welcome all swappers to post messages and make friends during the swap.
Thanks for joining!!

Group 1-***FULL***
1- Red-Alison------------------got package :)
2- Pink Sorbet-Carley------------------got package :)
3- Orange-mztamela
4- Black-Sarah------------------got package :)
5-Brown -Susan------------------got package :)
6- Caribbean-Melissa
7-Yellow-Bonnie--------got package :)
8-Blue-Liz ------------------got package :)

Group 2-
1-Black -Alison------------------got package :)
2- Red-Sarah------------------got package :)
3- Green-Susan------------------got package :)
4- Lemon Drop-Christy-----------------got package :)
6- Brown-Bonnie R------------------got package :)
7- Pink Sorbet-Melissa
8- Blue-Liz------------------got package :)

Group 3-
1- Blue-Alison--------------------got package :)
2- Brown -Sarah------------------got package :)
3- Black-Susan------------------got package :)
4- Lilac-Rhonda------------------got package :)
5- Pink Sorbet-Christy------------got package
7- Red-Bonnie R------------------got package :)
8- Green-Liz------------------got package :)

Group 4
1- Blue-Alison------------------got package :)
2- Brown -Sarah------------------got package :)
3- Black-Susan------------------got package :)
4- Red-Bonnie R------------------got package :)
5- Green- Liz------------------got package :)
6- Pink Sorbet-Heather

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