Saturday, October 31, 2009

The BEST Carmels Recipe from SEE's Cho.

This is the all time BEST Caramel Recipe from See's Chocolate
It is a recipe from a candy maker who we know.. who developed the See's Carmel.. :) and you are going to laugh at how EASY it is to I took this recipe to my son's school for his party.. we did caramel apples.. and EVERYONE wanted the recipe. well I thought.. Okay if everyone there wants it.. why not share it with you.. :) HUGS
Hope you have a wonderful weekend too..and a HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!
1 can 14oz Sweet/cond Milk
1 cup Butter (the real stuff)
1 1/2 cup Light Corn Syrup
2 cups Sugar (white or brown I use half and half)
1/4 t. Salt
~Stir all together. Cook on medium heat in a heavy saucepan until 225 degrees for Carmel dip 234 degrees for caramels or Carmel apples. After it has reached the right temp. add 1 t. vanilla.
Makes 4-5 cups

for black Licorice Caramels
add 1/2 t. anise oil
and only 1/2 t. of vanilla
1 t. black paste coloring
**and use only WHITE sugar..

told you it was EASY Peasy!!!
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