Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Play Date Cafe Challenge #4

I can't believe we are already on challenge #4.. wow!! This week was Sandi's week for the color challenge.. these are the colors she picked.. Brown, Tan, Cream, and a Sea foam/Grey Green.... I hope you will play along with us this week.. As always there is TONS of inspiration and of course Prizes to be won.. so what are you waiting for?? Go and Check it out and come and play :)

I had fun making an INTERACTIVE card.. I like having surprises and little things here and there that people don't expect at first when they see your card.. so I created a little hinge system and a little tab that says lift.. :) for the cute message inside.. I like to have a message sometimes hidden so it is there but not THERE!! until you open it that is :) hehe.. :)

This is a fun Digi Stamp I created from some funky shoes I saw.. Feather shoes to be exact.. :) I hope you like it.. :) let me know what you think..

If you have a sister.. you know this to be TOTALLY TRUE!!.. I asked my mom what she thought a cute saying would be for this card.. and she said. "If the shoe fits it's gotta be your SISTERS..." It totally fit for the card.. so Thanks MOM :) you ROCK!!
You can get this stamp HERE
Everyone has a "Love Tank.." Help fill mine up.. Leave a comment.. HUGS
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